Rental Equipment

In addition to purchasing stud welding machines from our extensive product range, we also offer you the option of renting a machine on a short or long-term basis.

Your advantages when renting one of our stud welding machines:

  • Delivery of the desired system in ready-to-weld condition
  • Equipment of the system with exactly the options you need for successful execution
  • Advice and instruction by our technicians
  • Quick and easy processing immediately after placing the order
  • Latest technology and best quality of the equipment
  • Reliable and inexpensive rental service

There are many reasons to rent our stud welding machines, for example:

One-off, special orders

You would like to accept a one-off order, but you do not have the necessary machine equipment to carry it out. In this case renting is cheaper than buying, a one-off order would not justify a purchase.

Peak capacities

Your company is working at full capacity during certain periods. During such peak periods, you can cover your additional equipment needs flexibly with our rental equipment.

Avoiding financial burden

You have just set up your business and want to avoid heavy financial burdens. The acquisition costs and the associated risks can be easily reduced by working with rental equipment at the beginning. Without tying up capital, you can successfully process orders immediately. In this way, your machines finance themselves.

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